LightFair 2017 – Light & Health

June 2, 2017

LightFair 2017 - Light & Health

This year, LightFair International continued their healthcare track by including an all-day Light & Health Forum. On a personal note, I love that lighting in healthcare is getting so much attention and that across our industry it now holds such an important role within lighting design. That significance was showcased by the spectrum of compelling topics presented during the Light & Health Forum.

Topics included:

  • Light and Health: What We Know and Don’t Know in Applying the Research
  • Circadian Light for Your Health: Light, Not Laughter is the Best Medicine
  • Blue Light – Is There an Issue?
  • Circadian Lighting in an Independent Living Facility
  • Creating an Immersive 24-hour Lighting Environment for a Pediatric ICU
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Swedish Ballard Behavioral Health Unit: Design and Implementation of Circadian Lighting Strategies

I was lucky enough to attend the “Blue Light—Is There an Issue?” class on Wednesday, which examined the abundance of research relating to blue light, including animal and circadian studies. George Brainard, John Hanifin and David Sliney are great resources in this field and presented their studies comprehensively.

Light & Health Forum Schedule, LFI 2017

A coworker of mine attended the “Children’s Hospital and Swedish Ballard Behavioral Health Unit Design” presentation. He said the tunability and level of attention paid to the controls on this project was truly fascinating. It made him excited for the possibilities that LED and control technologies are bringing to the healthcare market today.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year as manufacturers on the floor and design-industry leaders in the classroom continue to break the mold. The lighting industry is energized with developments in advanced LED technology, controls and design capabilities.

Next stop for Visa Lighting healthcare will be September’s Healthcare Facilities Expo in Austin, TX. Hope to see you there and that we can continue to learn and grow together!