2016 Hospital Construction Survey Breakdown

February 21, 2016

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2016 Hospital Construction Survey Breakdown 

The latest results from the Healthcare Construction Survey from Health Facilities Management is out and we’re excited to share the latest and greatest results and trends.



Here are some of the highlights:

Experience matters

Providing an excellent patient experience is more closely tied to reimbursement than ever before. Since 2012, Medicare payments are based in part on patient satisfaction scores for the HCAHPS survey. “Hospitals today are more mindful of design elements that can affect their HCAHPS scores, including noise reduction, privacy and personal controls at the bedside”, the survey respondents said.

Partnering with patients

More than ever before, hospitals are including patients and community members in facility design decisions. Some 63% of respondents said patients or community members are involved in the design development, of that 79% of these respondents had patient/community members offer feedback prior to design development. 66% offer feedback opportunities during design development and 26% use patients or community members to test live mock-ups.

Renovation rules

It appears that the industry is moving away from large-scale new construction, according to survey results. While 70% of respondents said they have projects currently under construction or planned in the next three years, a full three-fourths of those were expansions or renovations.

Targeted upgrades

Experts were encouraged that 45% of respondents said they had updated their master plans within the past 12 months, up from 42% a year ago. But they said they would expect to see more commissioning (audit to review performance of building energy systems), as 68% said they conduct commissioning. Additionally, just 34% of respondents said they use building information modeling (BIM) for facilities operations, disappointing some experts.

 What that means for Lighting

This means a higher ratio of renovations rather than new construction and that’s right, it definitely includes fit, finishes and lighting! The patient experience is becoming an institutions’ highest priority and we at Visa are proud to be a part of this by offering comforting, decorative fixtures from the patient room to the lobby. Visit our website at VisaLighting.com for more information.


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