Patient-centered design can help comfort families

September 25, 2015

Patient-centered design can help comfort families

Last year, the Institute for Patient-Centered Design announced a competition geared toward creating innovative architectural designs for hospitals. The designs would not only cater to the needs of pediatric cancer patients and their families, but also support beautiful healing spaces within the healthcare system itself.

With an inspiring story from the Wille family as motivation, the Institute for Patient-Centered Design hosted a nationwide competition. IPCD wanted to involve an array of architectural firms along with multiple manufacturers to achieve a high level of sponsorship and creativity.

The Wille family, who lost their son Hendrix to cancer, would like to honor the memory of their son by helping other families that have to walk down similar paths through design that can help nurture.

“We know how it feels to be in the hospital for months on end during the most difficult time of our life. We know what others take for granted, the small comforts of home lost in the hospital, the isolation and desperation parents feel while hospitalized, and the total overwhelming emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion that parents endure. We want to educate others on the small steps that can be taken to comfort these families and caregivers.“ – Dr. Rozanne Hug Willie, Hendrix's Mom

Erdman (Madison,WI), DesignGroup (Columbus, OH), and RS&H (Jacksonville, FL) were among the top three firms. Erdman (first place), has since continued to improve and perfect its design with the help of Visa Lighting and other sponsors. Erdman’s concept model will be on display at the Patient Centered Innovation Summit this September and will continue to be displayed at other venues throughout the rest of the year.

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