Revealing the brain through light and sound

August 3, 2015

Kathleen Black and white headshotRevealing the Brain through Light and Sound

Photoacoustic imaging sounds like science fiction.  It is a way to combine the speed and precision of light with the penetrating ability of sound to produce faster, sharper and more penetrating images of the brain than current technology such as MRI or PET scans. The developer is  Lihong Wang, a professor of biomedical engineering.  He also created a camera that shoots a billion frames a second, fast enough to freeze an object traveling at the speed of light.

Wang predicts that a device which uses a beam of light to diagnose illness, similar to the medical tricorder on the Starship Enterprise, may one day become a reality.  His special ability to take the science in one field and apply it to another has impressed the scientific community and attracted 50 million in grant funding.

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