Different cultures, same lighting

June 15, 2015

Lauren and Cindy travel to Dubai to showcase Visa Lighting. A lighting booth was brought to display our newest healthcare lines and the Healthcare Building trade show along with our team Speclight. See some of our adventures from Dubai here.

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Lauren Headshot for blog_black and whiteDifferent cultures, same lighting

As a former designer specializing in healthcare and now working with healthcare professionals around the world on all sides of the spectrum one thing remains the same. Healthcare lighting is not just important in the United States it is universally important around the globe.

Last week Cindy Vera, the VP of Sales and Marketing, and I had the opportunity to travel to Dubai to help showcase our lighting booth at Healthcare Building along with our team on the ground, Speclight.

“Building Healthcare Exhibition & Conferences is the regional hub for healthcare facility planning, design, construction and management. Across five main themes, the event provides a platform on which to discuss new healthcare projects, share best practice in design and construction, and source technologies and services that will maximize facility operations and improve patient experience.”

At Visa lighting, we design decorative fixtures for all areas of life. When it comes to healthcare lighting not only do we like to see how we can put a spin on a traditional exam light, but we also like to challenge that fixture to do more. At Visa we have introduced softer curving forms, laminated printed material that looks like fabric, and backlight beautiful artwork to provide visual interest, all while maintaining cleanable surfaces. These are just some of the areas we focus on and elements we include in Visa healthcare designs.

In the Middle East, especially where we were staying in Dubai, the construction industry is booming. Not only are many hospitals being built but also skyscrapers, residential towers, educational, governmental, hospitality and exotic resort projects in tow. I doubt we will see a city expand so quickly in our lifetime again and people in Dubai know that. The people there are appreciating the fast paced construction process and wanting more, in fact many have moved there just to be a part of it. The new trend is the desire to create hotel like hospital rooms and are looking for the resources to do that. We at Visa love being involved in projects like that and feel we have the right fixtures to do so.

Working with our wonderful local rep Speclight, we hope to be a part of this exciting boom in construction. We believe our forms and fixtures can speak to all cultures. After so much positive feedback at the show, we are only more excited to get our fixtures on the ground and get our products out to people in new areas of the world.


To learn more about our Visa Lighting healthcare fixtures, please visit: VisaLighting Healthcare