New Year’s Resolution

December 29, 2015

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New Year's Resolution


As this year comes to an end, we all tend to look back and think how far we’ve come and of course about where we’re going next. At Visa Lighting, we would like to keep being a valuable healthcare resource for you, your customers and clients. We plan to continue our product development, research and technology, while continuously looking to the future of Visa Lighting and Healthcare Design as a whole.

A Look Back

This year was an exciting time for Visa Lighting Healthcare. Our patient room fixtures are decorative and homelike in nature and we are seeing this trend catching on more and more. If we could take one thing away from our success this year, it would be that we are seeing more focus on making the patient and their family feel comfortable, safe and even rested in a healthcare setting. Lighting plays a key role in that and a person’s environment.

The idea that good lighting can help heal a patient and get them back home faster and that we can somehow even in a small way be a part of that is the best present we could receive this holiday season. At the Healthcare Design Conference this year, we showcased Vara Kamin Artwork and our Serenity fixture. People were drawn to these pieces of art and again, the theme was healing. Creating a warm, beautiful surrounding for the patient is key and it seems like everyone is on the same page.

Among other events, we got to be a team player at the Patient Centered Design Summit, join in on networking at Design Connections and Environments for Aging, travel the world for the Healthcare Building Show in Dubai and come back to strings of Healthcare presentations either at our factory or in your offices. For that, we are incredibly thankful.

What Lies Ahead

This year we want to focus on you. What kind of fixtures do you need to complete your projects? How can we help you create beautiful, functional, safe spaces with lighting? What other trends are you seeing and how can we be a part of the greater picture?

We will be joining the Patient Centered Design Institute again this year with a focus in behavioral health. We’ll also be at the Healthcare Design Conference, Design Connections and LightFair showing you new products and learning from each other.

We’ll be creating new multi-functional exam products, night lights and even tunable lighting for the patient room and environment. Come visit us in May for our big healthcare specifiers trip, we can’t wait to host you as our guests. We have a wonderful healthcare showroom with hospital patient rooms, nurses station, waiting area and senior living rooms set up for you to experience.


Focus on ambulatory or outpatient care into the community, overhauling older facilities including renovations addressing behavioral health and virtual monitoring, will all be moving forward this year. Placing the priority on the patient and accountability on the healthcare system and all because of the Affordable Care Act. Healthcare design continues to grow and our resolution at Visa Lighting this year and moving forward is to grow with it and with you. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!