Thoughts from the 2015 PCD summit

December 3, 2015

Thoughts from the 2015 PCD summit

Lauren Headshot for blog_black and whiteLast week I got to experience the Patient Centered Design Summit in Charleston, SC. Visa lighting was one of the many manufacturers who were able to donate fixtures to be installed in the pediatric oncology model for the Summit. Here clinicians, designers, families and patients all got to share their personal stories and learn from past experiences in healthcare design together.

These same groups of people were then placed into smaller groups where we got to tour MUSC labs and see typical hospital room layouts such as an Intensive Care Units, Emergency Department, NICU and Labor and Delivery Rooms to name a few. We discussed what really works and what doesn’t work design-wise in those environments with the people who work in those spaces. It’s a very different perspective when you hear from a patient who would have liked to have had multiple family members with her during an exam room visit, but also hearing from the design professional that there isn’t enough room for that many chairs in the space. It makes you really appreciate that design only goes so far and at the end of the day, it is the patient’s who matter the most.

With everyone working together we can use our past experiences in healthcare design to create new, stronger environments for the next generation. Thanks to the Institute for Patient-Centered Design we will be able to do this for many years to come.

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Photos from the PCD Summit Charleston, SC